About Us

” From it’s humble beginnings as a way to preserve wheat to the gourmet delicacy it is today, pasta has become a star in the culinary world. I found my mentors in northern Italy, on one of the world’s most glorious lakes, Lago di Garda. My teachers were full of veneration for the legendary art of pasta making and imparted to me the importance of preserving it for future generations. It is a complete food, nutritious, delicate and beautiful. It is a vehicle for pure sauces that are traditional and stand the test of time. It is my pleasure to bring this classic cuisine to you! ”   – Linda Cerda Scheibal

Whole egg, x-fancy organic durum flour and pure dried spinach ready for kneading.

Fresh dough for Spinach Fettucine

Laminating pasta into sheets. Rolled pasta is infinitely more delicate and easily digested than the denser extruded pastas.

Rolled pasta can get up to 20′ long! The more it is rolled the finer the texture.

Cutting the pasta

The width of rolled pasta changes the mouth “feel”. The exquisitely fine capellini is dramatically different from its wider weightier cousins- fettucine & pappardelle.

Fettucine! This beauty cooks in 1 minute after naturally air dried.

Drying….2-3 days will render the pasta durable for at least a year to come.

Air drying on the windowsill Curly pasta will stay curly!

Curly and straight pasta… again the shape will affect how the palate “tastes”it!

There are so many wonderful sayings in Italy regarding their favorite pastime of eating. ” We begin to eat with our eyes” is my favorite. Indeed one of the measures of our pasta is beauty. As another poetic saying goes “The eye wants its part”. We offer you Pasta that is Poetry.